About Jacob

Jacob Astren is a young professional man and at just 18 years old he’s very mature for his age. Shortly after being born in Vernon British Columbia his family moved to Seattle Washington which was a short three year stay before moving back to British Columbia. Jacob’s need for speed and adrenaline started at a young age with his first interest in motorsports at the age of eight. Jacob started his quest for speed racing motocross during the summers and snowboarding in the winters. After an unfortunate theft of his motocross bike he looked for another avenue to fulfill that adrenaline which is when he discovered kart racing. After purchasing a used kart off of Craigslist, Jacob started his first year of racing in Chilliwack British Columbia at the Greg Moore raceway.

Jacobs’s first weekend of racing was by far nothing to be excited about. With zero experience and no tuner to set up his kart he was lapped in every race. However, Jacob’s spirit and love for the race was not dampened and he continued to kart and improve his skills.

The key to the weekend was for Jacob to watch and learn from the other drivers as he had no coaching or team to work with. His second weekend of racing was proof that he learned from the previous weekend as this time out he was able to keep with the lead pack of drivers. The third weekend of racing caught the attention of the drivers and team owners as Jacob finished third. By the end of the season Jacob finished third overall in the point standings while never having any training or tuner to truly set up his kart. It was a learn-as-you-go year with the focus of always learning something new.

Jacobs second year of karting was another year of learning and improving every time he went out on the track. The difference this year was that he moved up to the highly competitive Rotax Jr. class. Once again with a limited budget Jacob purchased a used chassis that had been reconditioned and a new factory sealed motor. He continued with the steep learning curve finishing the season second overall and was awarded the most improved driver of the year. Without professional help he continued to learn on his own showing that without training or an expensive dyno tuned motor he could run with the best.

As Jacob moved into F1600 he continued with his interest in snowboarding and hunting. While Jacob was spending time up on the ski hills he was noticed by the owners of a clothing company and asked that he represent their line. He then was signed and sponsored by Long Collective a local winter sporting gear company where Jacob was feature in their catalogue modeling their products. Before snow starts to fly you will find Jacob up in the Rocky Mountains hunting for Deer and Moose. His passion for hunting started at a young age as well tagging along with his dad. Every year he pushes himself to learn more about the outdoors and hunting, while understanding and respecting the natural resources of our great country.

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